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Ms. Kennedy, I’ll read!
~ David, Grade 10, Anchorage AK

Reading level
Before training: Grade 6.2
After five-month training: Grade 10.6
(Nelson-Denny Reading Test)

Used to be, I could never finish books,
but now I just read them straight through,

like nothing. ~ Jade, Grade 10, Anchorage AK

Reading level before training: 5.8
After six-month training: 12.6
(Nelson-Denny Reading Test)

You don’t have to help me anymore–
I can do it myself
. ~ Shiloh, Grade 7, Tucson
Reading level before training: 6.0
After two-month training: 8.8
(Reading Progress Indicator Test )

My teacher made me take the test over again–
she didn’t think it could be right–
but it came out the same.

~Hayden, Grade 5, Boise ID

(Gifted student with Auditory Processing Disorder)

Reading level before training: 5.0
After nine-month training: 11.2
STAR Reading Test

GE = Grade Equivalent PR= Percentile Rank NCE = National Curve Equivalent IRL = Instructional Reading Level
Hayden is a gifted student who had been struggling with Auditory Processing Disorder. (APD /CAPD).

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